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Posted on: 21/12/2008


Shaker Bottle (25 oz.) – RM20


Quickly and easily prepare delicious mixes, protein shakes, drinks and more! This is the perfect companion for: travel, home, office, school, gym, or even the car!

Perfect for:

* People always on the run
* Bodybuilders
* Fitness Enthusiasts
* Anyone likes to save time
* Anyone who hates it when their drink settles
* Anyone who doesn’t have the time to clean up a messy blender

**Designs depends on availability.


2 Responses to "MISCELLANEOUS"


i’m from Kuching, Sarawak, i’m interested in buying ‘MuscleTech’ shaker by end of this month. do u still have em?

What bout ‘ON’ shaker? do u have them as well?

email me pls.

thank u

Hi! MuscleTech Shaker Bottle is in stock! Just give me a call or SMS anytime you want it. Cheers

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