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Selling all types of Supplements (Protein, Creatine, Fat Burner, Nitric Oxide, etc) CHEAPEST in Malaysia !

+ All directly imported from USA. Guaranteed Fresh! Or 100% Money back guarantee!

+ Cash On Delivery (COD)/Meet up, Self Collection is available, around Klang, Subang and Sunway areas.

Payment method: CASH

+ For other areas (other states, East Malaysia and Singapore), delivery via courier service by PosLaju or SkyNet.

Payment method: CIMB, Public Bank, Maybank2U, DBS Singapore or OCBC Singapore.

+ Courier charges: RM8.00 (Big items), RM5.00 ( Small items)

+ For any enquiries, contact me at or +60123322330 (Vincent)

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Anabolic Halo Hardcore Pro Series (2 Lbs.)RM175
Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series (6.6 Lbs.)RM175
Creakic Hardcore (180’s)RM155
CryoTest (168’s)RM235
Gakic Pro Series (128’s)RM210
Hexatest Hardcore Pro Series (168’s)RM190
Hydrazide (60’s)RM120
Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series (120’s)RM150
Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series (30’s)RM50
Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series Ignition Stix (40 Stix)RM155
Leukic Pro Series (180’s)RM175
Mass-Tech (5 Lbs.)RM155
Nano Vapor Hardcore Pro Series (150 caplets)RM180
Nano Vapor Hardcore Pro Series (2 Lbs.)RM185
naNOX9 Hardcore Pro Series (180’s)RM195
Nitro Isolate 65 Pro Series (2 Lbs.)RM165
Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series (2 Lbs.)RM110
Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series (4 Lbs.)RM175
Nitro-Tech NOP-47 (1.6 Lbs.)RM100

Anabolic Window (5 Lbs.)RM165
Fighter’s Food (2.38 Lbs.)RM150
Glutabolic (500 grams)RM125
Hemodrene (60 tablets)RM125
Hemorush (2.2 Lbs.)RM150
Hemotest (90 tablets)RM185
Hemotropin (90 tablets)RM208
Hyperwhey (5 Lbs.) – RM160
Isobolic (5 Lbs.)RM185
Mass Fusion (16 Lbs.)RM200
Vitabolic (90 tabs) – RM95

Anarchy Covalex (7.6 oz)RM125
Black Pearl – RM10/bottle
Coco Fit – RM12/bottle
Meltdown (120’s)RM160
N.O. Shotgun V.3RM157
Redline Ultra Hardcore (120’s)RM160
Stealth (5 Lbs.)RM155

Hemo-Rage Ultra Concentrate (10.37 oz)RM110
Lipo-6 (120’s)RM112
Lipo-6 (240’s)RM192
Lipo-6 Black (120’s)RM145
Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate (60’s)RM145
Lipo-6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate (60’s)RM160
Lipo-6X (120’s)RM150
Muscle Infusion Black (5 Lbs.)RM168
T-Up Black (150’s)RM150
Vitrix (90’s)RM119

Amino 1900 (325 Tablets)RM130
Animal Cuts (42 Packs)RM128
Animal Flex (44 Packs)RM120
Animal M-Stak (21 Packs)RM130
Animal Nitro (44 Packs)RM160
Animal Omega (30 Packs)RM130
Animal Pak (44 Packs)RM130
Animal PM (30 Packs)RM130
Animal Pump (30 Packs)RM160
Animal Rage (315 g)RM140
Animal Stak (21 Packs)RM140
Animal Test (21 Packs)RM225
BCAA 2000 (120 Capsules)RM88
Creatine Powder (500 grams)RM70
Glutamine Powder (300 grams)RM80
LAVA (2.75 Lbs.)RM145
Milk & Egg (3 Lbs.)RM110
Real Gains (6.85 Lbs)RM150
Torrent (6.1 Lbs.)RM240
Ultra Whey Pro (10 Lbs)RM290
Ultra Whey Pro (5 Lbs)RM160

100% Casein Protein (2 Lbs.)RM110
100% Whey Gold Standard (5 Lbs.)RM175
100% Whey Gold Standard (10 Lbs.)RM298
Amino Chewables (100 tablets)RM100
Fitness Fiber (30 servings)RM25
Micronized Creatine (300 g)RM88
Opti-Men (90 caps)RM95
Platinum Hydrowhey (3.5 Lbs.)RM220
Pro Complex Gainer (10.16 Lbs.)RM250
Serious Mass (12 Lbs.)RM175
Superior Amino 2222 (320 tablets)RM120
ZMA (90 capsules)RM90

Xtend (90 servings)RM180

N.O.-Xplode (10 servings)RM30
N.O.-Xplode (2.25 Lbs.)RM140
Syntha-6 (5.04 Lbs.)RM175
True-Mass (5.75 Lbs.)RM168

Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer (10.11 Lbs.)RM245
Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 (11.1 Lbs.)RM155
Pro Star 100% Whey Protein (5.28 Lbs.)RM175
TestostroGrow 2 HP (126 tablets)RM185

AminoMax 8000 (325’s)RM130
MyoFusion (5 Lbs.)RM168
Qualitine (300 g) – RM88
Real Mass (5.95 Lbs.)RM155
SizeOn Maximum Performance (3.49 Lbs.)RM175
SuperPump Max Mini (160g)RM50
SuperPump Max (1.41 Lbs.)RM140

Jack3d (250 grams)RM110
OxyElite Pro (90’s)RM160
Pink Magic (180’s)RM220

Lipotropic (5 Lbs.)RM160

Creatine Micronized (500 g)RM88
Elite Whey (5 Lbs)RM165
Glutamine Micronized (300 g)RM112
Iso 100 Whey (5 Lbs.)RM210
Elite High Protein Oatmeal (7 Pack)RM56
Super Amino 4800 (325’s)RM90
Super Amino 4800 (450’s) – RM120
Super Mass Gainer (12 Lbs.)RM160
Super Mass Gainer (Variety Pack) – RM170
Super Multi Vitamin (120 caplets)RM95

T-Bomb II (168’s)RM185
Xpel (90 caps)RM98

Gainer Xtreme (10 Lbs.) – RM150
Polythermex Hardcore (120’s) – RM100
Whey Protein (5 Lbs.) – RM150

Cookie Roll – RM14 each
Lean Body Bar – RM14 each
Lean Body Hi-Protein Meal Replacement (2.47 Lbs) – RM170
Lean Body Mass 60 (6 Lbs.) RM170
Lean Pro8 (2.9 Lbs.) – RM150
ProV 60 (3.5 Lbs.) – RM180
Super Charge Xtreme (800 g) – RM180

Carnivor (4 Lbs.) – RM200
Methyl Arimatest (180’s) – RM215
MethylBurn Xtreme (60’s) – RM175

Assault (1.76 Lbs.) – RM125
Battle Fuel (126 caps) – RM185
Combat (4 Lbs.) – RM160
Recon (2.6 Lbs.) – RM140
Shred Matrix (120’s) – RM160

Huge Mass (5 Lbs.) – RM150

Vitargo S2 (4.2 Lbs.)RM265

Stage Finish Competition Tan (2 oz.)RM50

Animal Gym BagRM130
Animal Lifting Straps RM40
Animal Wrist Wraps RM50
Lifting StrapsRM20
Optimum Nutrition Shaker Bottle (32 oz.)RM35
Padded Lifting StrapsRM30
Universal Nutrition Shaker BottleRM20
Animal T-Shirt – RM79
Animal Beanie – RM70

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Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series (120 capsules) – RM165
+ Scientifically formulated with a clinically proven key complex, Hydroxycut™ Hardcore Pro Series™ has been designed to deliver significant weight-loss results to help you get ripped! There are many weight-loss claims on the market today that are not supported by scientific evidence. As a leader, the Hydroxycut™ Hardcore Pro Series™ key ingredients are backed by 2 clinical studies proving its ability to deliver real results.

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Posted on: 28/12/2008


Hydroxycut Hardcore X (120 Liquid Capsules) – RM180 [Fat Burner]

Hydroxycut Hardcore X (30 Liquid Capsules) – RM50

+ Millions of people across America have made the Hydroxycut® Hardcore brand the #1 selling hardcore Thermogenic! And now Team MuscleTech™ researchers have engineered a new formula with a potent thermogenic key ingredient which is validated by scientific studies! Formulated with a powerful key ingredient that are backed by hard scientific evidence, you can be sure that Hydroxycut® Hardcore X has been developed to help you increase thermogenesis and accelerate your metabolism!

Product Info

Posted on: 28/12/2008

Hydroxycut Hardcore X Ignition Stix (40 Stix) – RM195
Flavour: Blue Raspberry

+ You are just seconds away from experiencing the awesome impact of Hydroxycut Hardcore Ignition Stix! Explosive energy. White-hot thermogenic power. Raw workout intensity. And that’s just the beginning! These lightning-fast Ignition Stix pack outrageously delicious fruit punch flavor, with zero sugar and only five calories! Just mix, drink and get shredded with Hydroxycut Hardcore Ignition Stix!

Product Info

Posted on: 28/12/2008

Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series (4 Lbs.) – RM235 [Whey Protein]

+ Scientifically Advanced Musclebuilding Whey Protein Formula. The scientifically advanced Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series formula is a fast-absorbing whey protein supplement that was built upon, and far surpasses, the tried and true capabilities of whey protein! And with 25% more protein than the previous formula, you’re bound to be in the fast lane to building huge muscle!

Product Info

Posted on: 28/12/2008

Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series (6.6 Lbs) – RM250 [Creatine]

+ Scientifically Advanced Musclebuilding Creatine Formula. Team MuscleTech releases its most powerful creatine musclebuilder. With Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series you’ll get visibly bigger, fuller and harder as you fill your frame with pounds of granite-hard muscle!
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